In the 1970’s Dr Ian Adamson wrote and published his books on the history of Ulster to create a broader perspective to the rich cultural heritage of Northern Ireland. To achieve this broader perspective he encouraged people to view land and sea borders as cultural corridors.

Professor Fréchet, Professor of Irish Studies in the Sorbonne, Paris, took great interest in Dr. Adamson’s work. Fréchet followed Adamson’s involvement in the creation of several community organisations in Northern Ireland such as;

  • The Farset Youth & Community Development Project established in1982 in Belfast
  • The Somme Association established in 1989
  • The Ullans Academy established in 1992 in Belfast

These organisations were developed to help communities who were enduring the greatest effect from conflict to find another way forward. Each one of these ideas would go on to create many more projects such as;

  • The Steps of Columbanus project in 1985
  • The re-dedication of the Ulster Memorial Tower at the Somme Battlefields, France in 1989
  • The building of the Irish Peace Tower in Messines, Belgium
  • The opening of the Somme Museum in Conlig in 1994, Co Down,
  • St Patrick Breakfast Events 2004 – present
  • ‘Feast of Columbanus’ Events 2013
  • The publication of the Plain Scots Bible Volumes 1 & 3

All of this work based on original ideas proposed by Dr Ian Adamson allowed communities to come together through their shared cultural heritage. In doing so it raised awareness of those things that can connect rather than divide and thus foster a sense of mutual tolerance and respect.

In 1999 Helen Brooker became the founding Chair of the Old Belmont School Preservation Trust, remaining as Chair until the building was welcomed into the care of the National Trust in March 2013. This was a community-based organization with the sole aim of saving a landmark building in east Belfast, known as Belmont Tower, for the benefit of the community and future generations.

During her time working on the Belmont Tower project she developed The Programme, A health programme developed from many years of working as a nurse, both in Northern Ireland and Australia, with the aim to reduce tiredness, increase energy levels and therefore increase ability to cope with daily challenges. Out of this the relaxation programme developed to help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress and has been taught within schools and to individuals.

In 2010 Helen Brooker and Dr Ian Adamson would meet at a business meeting. Their combined interest in the ongoing problems for many people within Northern Ireland led them to work together on community projects and events in a voluntary capacity. This would lead to the establishment of Pretani Associates in 2012 which was formally incorporated in 2015 becoming Pretani Associates Ltd.