24 – Pretani Associates – Isles of Pretani Series – Ancient Peoples (Asian & African)

Pretani Associates have travelled widely in Asia, from Georgia in Transcaucasia, travelling the Silk Road through Uzbekistan to China and throughout South East Asia. They have also visited India and studied the history and philosophy of that great country and lived among the Black community in the USA and Canada, both north and south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

There were many ancient dynasties in the region known today as China, such as the Xia Dynasty which is the first known dynasty in China, and the Shang Dynasty who once ruled within the Yellow River valley.

The Dravidans lived and continue to live in Southern India. Their language is one of the world’s primary language groups and these Dravidian-speaking people are natively found in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Ancient names are still used today, such as the Malayali, the Telugus, the Kannadigas and the Tamilis. The Tamil people are one of the largest and oldest cultural groups of people found in the world today.

The Khoisan were a collection of ancient people who inhabited the region known today as South Africa, most notably in the Kalahari Desert. This is a unifying name for two groups of people of Southern Africa – the Khoi and the San.

The Berbers were a collection of ancient people who inhabited the region known today as North Africa. Ancient names are known such as the Psylii, the Libu, the Musulami and the Numidae. The majority of these people live in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morrocco with smaller populations found in Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Egypt.