Presidential Visit to Dalaradia at St John’s Church, Donegore

Pretani Associates supported and assisted the Dalaradia organisation during the visit to St John’s Parish Church Donegore by the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, on Thursday 27th October 2016. His Excellency viewed the grave of the great Ulster poet, Sir Samuel Ferguson.

He then travelled a short distance up Donegore Hill to the studio of stained glass artist David Esler, where he was shown the window crafted by members of the Dalaradia group. Chairman Robert Williamson said that although they were originally of an Ulster Scots interest the Dalaradia group had progressed to explore the shared history of the peoples of this island, from earliest to present times. They hoped that this rich multicultural melting pot could help them on their journey of Common Identity, which is essential if we are to express respect for the heritage and culture of all those who share this beautiful land.