04 – Pretani Associates – Isles of Pretani Series – Land Bridges within the Isles of Pretani

Two land Bridges

Ireland and Britain had two land bridges;

  • North-eastern Ireland and South-western Scotland
  • South-eastern Ireland and South-western Great Britain

These two land bridges created an inland freshwater lake. As the ice retreated sea levels rose connecting the lake to the surrounding sea becoming brackish and then saline. This water is now known as the Irish Sea removing the two land bridges between Britain and Ireland. An island nation was created. The distance today between Britain and Ireland is at their widest approximately 125miles and at its narrowest approximately 13 miles. As people still do today, they travel between the islands by boat.

The Isles of Pretani (British Isles) now had three channels known today as:

  • The North Channel – the narrowest point of this channel is from Stranraer in south west of Scotland to Larne, County Antrim in Northern Ireland.
  • St George’s Channel – the narrowest part of this channel is between Carnsore Point (Ptolemy’s Hieron or “Sacred Promontory”) in Wexford, Republic of Ireland and St David’s Head in Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales.
  • The British (English) Channel – the narrowest point of this channel is known as the Strait of Dover which separates southern England from northern France.