The Pretani Education Programme – The Pursuit of Knowledge

Knowledge ensures freedom from harm as long as it is not controlled by power,
ie – those who desire control over others, land and possessions for self-gain. This desire for control only creates harm for an individual/s or a society.

To achieve control for self-gain requires two key components:

  • A state of ignorance or lacking knowledge in the targeted individual/s or society and;
  • Successful manipulation by the ‘Controller’

Successful manipulation requires the ‘Controller’

  • Being able to conceal their aggressive intentions and behaviours.
  • Knowing the psychological vulnerabilities of the individual/s or a society to determine most effective tactics
  • Having a sufficient level of ruthlessness to have no qualms about causing harm to the individual/s or society

Ignorance and manipulation will then create in the Individual/s or society a

  • State of confusion which progresses to a
  • Feeling of isolation which progresses to
  • Demoralisation