The Ullans Academy Historic Inter-Community Event

The Ullans Academy, a community based group from Belfast, host an historic inter-community event in the Great Hall in Belfast City Hall on 23rd November 2013. Helen Brooker as Chair 2013 was delighted when over 300 guests attended and Dr Ian Adamson OBE, President of the Ullans Academy and the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, agreed to speak at the event. Both gave very inspiring speeches concerning Common Christianity and Columbanus

Dr Ian Adamson OBE said “Columbanus is only one example of someone who represented Common Christianity. The ‘Feast of Columbanus’ event aims to improve understanding of one aspect of our rich cultural heritage by presenting a broader perspective of Irish history.”

“Only in the complete expression of our common identity lies the basis of that genuine peace, stamped with the hallmark of justice, goodness and truth, which will end forever the war in Ireland.”